Thank yous and Assesments

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Thank yous and Assesments

Postby Ryan Machiavelli » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:44 pm

First off I'd just like to say thanks to George for creating this forum. I've been interested in skeleton since I saw it in '02 in PC. I was in high school at the time, and it inspired me to lose over a hundred pounds, join the cross country and track teams, and gave me aspirations to get out of the small country town I lived in. Now I'm in my junior year of college and would like to try and make the 2010 Olympics; they seemed far off years ago when I made the goal and now its getting closer every day. I dunno if its still a realistic goal or not.

I sent in an application on USBSF's website and got invited last year, but I wrecked my car and had surgery within a month of another (and my birthday and Christmas no less) so I've yet to set foot on a skeleton track.

My primary contact with skeleton has been through trying to contact the USBSF via the phone numbers posted on their site. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has trouble trying to contact them; I called them for over two years before anyone answered the phone. Thats one of the reasons I'm so glad I came across this forum. I've learned so much in a few minutes reading these threads, more than I have in years of searching the web. From what I've amassed reading this is as follows:

*LP is apparently snobby to the outside world.

*JOFA helmets are the way to go.

*PC is the way to go.

So how exactly can I get involved? I've read there are basically two sorts of intros into the skeleton, those for the adventure seeker and those who are a little more serious. I would put myself in the second camp if that helps. I've read one can go to PC or Calgary. I was looking at going to Calgary as it seemed less expensive, and I am a college student. This is getting kinda long so I'll just end it saying thanks again and if anyone has advice as to how to jump in on skeleton it would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby HollyBall » Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:11 pm


sorry nobody has replied to your post until now...

Getting into skeleton can be easy and very difficult at times,
you are 1000000000% right that lake placid is snobby and very unhelpful. Park city is definitely the way to go, If youre interested in attending a skeleton school I would frequently check the Utah Olymic park website, or call the Olympic Park the number is 435-658-4200 (this is probably the way to go) and ask for sports services, they can tell you when new camps will be running and how to sign up.

To be honest, which most people in this sport wont be, you most likely wont make the olympics in 2010, its two years away and it takes about 5-6 years to get to that level, but since youre only a junior in college, i would say you have a really good chance at 2014 games in russia. there have been skeleton sliders that have been to the olympics at 40 so dont be discouraged!

Start slow, dont try to rush into things as fast as possible, take your time learning the track and ice, reading ice is very important and it takes a long time to develop this skill.

Good luck with your adventures!

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Postby George » Mon Oct 15, 2007 5:52 am

Welcome, Ryan.

I'm glad that both skeleton and my site have made a positive difference in your life. Yes, you've picked up on some of the key points from reading on this forum. I've heard good things about Calgary, but I don't know much about their schools other than the links to their information from my site. But check out this new brochure on the U.S. schools: ... ochure.pdf

Sorry to hear you're among the many future sliders previously ignored by LP. My similar experience inspired me to create this site, and to become a PC-only guy even though NY was closer. PC is more responsive, open, laid back, and has so many fun activities in PC/SLC--as opposed to desolate, backwater LP. Although the "old regime" in LP routinely ignored phone calls and refused to respond to emails and voicemails, I am pleased to hear that the USOC-reformed new regime is getting better about that -- thanks to conscientious people like Holly's dad (who heads the new USBSF Board of Directors).

Everything Holly says is right on target, she knows her stuff.

JOFA helmets are good, but I wouldn't worry much about equipment when you're starting off because equipment--and advice about what to buy if you stick with it--is made available to you during lessons.

Welcome to the forum.

- George
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