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114 Days

PostPosted: Thu May 31, 2007 7:56 pm
by slace22
Just watched 114 Days , the story about Noelle Pikus Pace and it was awesome and i hope she gets her dream and makes it to the 2010 Winter Games.
Tristan Gale had told me and a couple of other sliders about that day in Calgary so i already knew alot about it but i didnt realize Noelle worked as hard as she did to make a comeback.
I myself have also suffered a broken leg , i broke both bones in my left leg after being pushed off a trampoline as a 12 year old and having my leg go in between the guard rails while my body kept going, trust me it wasnt a pretty sight.
Anyway i know how bad that kind of break can be and its amazing how she came back from it so fast.
I cant wait to see her make it to the Olympics.