Whats the difference

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Whats the difference

Postby slace22 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:59 pm

Whats the difference in the schools in Lake Placid and Park City?
When i was first invited to Lake Placid i got an Itinerary and it told everything that would be done on each day and each day you only slid an hour but every afternoon from 3pm to 6pm you either had sprint training or push training or the 4 item test but the best i can figure out about Park City is we slide for 2 hours a day and thats it no other kind of training at all so it appears to me that the school in Lake Placid is a more serious school , of course i could be missing something because i have yet to receive any kind of Itinerary from Park City so there could be more to it.
On another note i got my flight booked last week and i finished paying the other $300 of the school today so im done with all that.
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