Skelly spikes

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Skelly spikes

Postby yentna » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:11 pm

George - do you know where to get spikes? I can't seem to figure it out, not available on, usbsf site, usoc, etc. ???

Talk to you soon,


PS btw, i see you've had plenty of traffic, cool! Congrats.
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Re: Skelly spikes

Postby George » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:59 am

Hey Kimber. Oh, you want the new Adidas skeleton spikes everybody hates (due to overly stiff soles and poor spike-pin placement). One national team slider told me it slowed his push by a full 0.10. Apparently sliders order them at the start of each season through their country's federation, but I assume the USBSF will ignore you unless you're on the national team.

I searched exhaustively last year and only found them in two places: both bob & skel spikes at this German store for the absurd price of 191 Euros: ... html?c~1.2

Also, bobspikes (and formerly skel spikes but not anymore) are available at only in sizes 11+ . I bought mine there for $175 (!), which turned to be a total ripoff. They arrived very dusty (as if they sat in a warehouse for years) and after using them for less than 20 runs, 10%+ of the spike-pins have fallen already out. I'll probably put them up for sale (size 10). Nevertheless, in my experience, brush-style spikes (when they're not defective) reduce push times by around 0.05 versus track spikes.

Yep, there's greater traffic to my site (though more message-board spambot registrations to delete, grr). See ya again in January, when I can visit UOP.

- George
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