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I'm freezing/archiving (no more updates)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 10:51 am
by George
Hey folks, unfortunately I no longer have time to keep maintaining this website and forum. I'll leave it up for now (because it's still a useful archive), but there will be no more updates and the forum will be frozen starting next week. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

I'm happy many people have found my site useful since I created it in 2005. Fortunately, there's now a lot more info available on the sport of skeleton than there was back then.

Have fun sliding,
- George

Re: I'm freezing/archiving (no more updates)

PostPosted: Fri May 06, 2011 6:22 pm
by Teej
Well, thanks for what you've done. Enjoyed meeting you a coupla years ago.