My thoughts and views on Lake Placid.

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My thoughts and views on Lake Placid.

Postby slace22 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 11:17 am

At 41 years old you figure that nobody will give you the time of day but i have to say that in Lake Placid i was treated with respect and was treated very well and just like every other athlete there.
I got to spend some one on one time with Steve Peters and he treated me very well and i am glad i went to LP, Jody Barton was awesome , she knows alot about Skeleton and treated me very well and i also got to meet Rachelle (redr3r) from this website and she was very cool , i wanted to get to know her a little better but i was sick and didnt want to spread it around , she is a good Skeleton athlete.
I was only in LP for a week because both of my daughters got sick while i was there , they both had fevers and i also got sick and started running a fever also.
The day of the first club race i had a fever of 101.7 but i didnt tell anyone because i wanted to race, i tried to avoid the other athletes so i wouldnt get them sick.
After being so sick i could not hold my head up down the track i decided to pack up and come back to Florida , plus like i said before i didnt want anyone else getting sick.
Its hard to judge the track because i was so sick all week , im sure had i felt better i would have done better but because i was so sick my times were horrible and i never really got a good feel for the track.
I will say this , that track beat me to death, lol, it is a hard track to drive.
The Olympic Training Center (OTC) in LP is AWESOME!!!!! It is a very very nice training center.
There are some things i like better about Utah and some things i like better about LP but either way i have met some great people at both places and for a 41 year old athlete it is an honor for me just to be able to walk the halls of the OTC as an athlete , a place that many Olympians have walked before, and to be able to say i have slid down both Olympic tracks in America is awesome.
Next year i WILL have my own sled.
George if your reading this , the bobspikes i bought from you worked great , they are in awesome shape for the price i paid for them so i wanted to say thanks to you.
So i have not read much about the Utah Winter Games in Utah or about the Skeleton schools out there so somebody make a post about what all went on out there.
Harold R.
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Re: My thoughts and views on Lake Placid.

Postby Teej » Mon Feb 25, 2008 12:03 pm

slace22 wrote:So i have not read much about the Utah Winter Games in Utah or about the Skeleton schools out there so somebody make a post about what all went on out there.
Harold R.

Well, it was a real mental rollercoaster for me. I came away frustrated by injury.

Day 1 was going well...a little bouncing around but nothing too serious. It was a small class and we went ahead with a 4th run from junior. That run beat the crap out of me. We don't have video and my memory is a bit hazy due to the adrenaline as well as the experience but what I _think_ happened is I came out of 12 and hit the right side before going into 13, causing me to go into 13 late. Then went up and bounced off the top of 13 near the end and came down and hit the left wall hard enough that I popped up off the sled. Knocked the wind out of me too. Then as I was trying to settle back onto the sled, I entered 14 with my upper body still off the sled...of course as the Gs hit, that didn't last and I went back into the saddle hard.

Sat in the hotel that night icing bruises in about 6 different places and it already hurt to breathe deep.

I hadn't slept well due to getting into town late and being excited about class...and then I came away from day 1 that bruised up plus I was having trouble fighting through the sensory overload - despite the fact that I "knew"the layout in my head, what I was feeling on the track was playing tricks on me. All 4 runs on day 1 I felt the rise out of low and thought I was already past 15 for some reason, as one example.

I showed up the second day sure in my mind that I was going to quit - I had it stuck in my head that going higher / faster was going to beat me up worse. Despite "knowing" the track I was getting "lost" and unlike the first day I was actually a bit scared.

We got instruction on turns and were told where and when totry to influence the sled with knee turns, etc.

But I suited up, grabbed my sled and got on the truck. We got to the women's luge start and George & his gf met us there. I was practically in a daze - didn't sleep well again, but this time it was because of being stiffened up at night, plus thinking it was going to get worse. Don't get me wrong - I fully expected to get bruised up - no misconception there. I just didn't expect to be that beat up after the first day.

So nervous was I that when my turn came I forgot to put my mouth guard in and I grabbed someone else's sled. :D Loaded up, and did my best to psych up for the drop into turn 4. They let me go...I tensed up into turn 4 and about the time I exited 4 I managed to relax. Suddenly I had total mental focus. I saw turn 6 coming and realized I needed to correct going into it (i was a bit right/low I think). Then I'm deep in the heart of 6 and something is telling me to "downsteer" but instead of a shove with the right knee, I start to push with my right shoulder...immediately realized that's wrong and shove hard with left shoulder. Before I know it I'm out of 6 and watching 7 come up. A minor correction heading for 7 and I'm through 7 and 8 pretty cleanly (I think...will have to confirm that once my video shows up...) and rocketing through the labyrinth. As I go through 11 the thought strikes me that "Hey, this is going well." I'm feeling great and get through the rest of the run almost without looking - Unlike day 1 my senses aren't lyin to me - I can almost see in my mind where I am on the track. Make it through low OK but start to skid just before going into 15....climbing the runout I was practically euphoric.

It was when the "catcher" looks at me and waves over the medic that I realize I forgot to put my mouthguard in as I'm now bleeding from the tongue. Heh. Went to the restroom to rinse out as quickly as I could - sure as hell didn't want to miss the next run. Heheheheh.

Took a few wall bounces on the second run, but nothing serious A minor pingpong exiting 7 and entering 8 was the worst of it. However, after that 2nd run I was feeling the same tired feeling I was on day 1 right before that last brutal run. I'd had 2 good runs and wanted to finish on a "high note" going in to the next day and starting from the top so I sat and watched while the class did 2 more.

Got un-geared and debriefed all psyched up for day 3...But then as I was driving out of UOP, I felt this strange, repeated popping in my chest and I thought "Strange, I haven't felt that in 20 years..." but didn't worry too much because it wasn't hurting. Got some dinner, hit the hot tub, grabbed a beer and settled in to my room.

About 9pm I laid back in my bed with my laptop. When I tried to sit up I realized I couldn't (pain in the ribs) and that thought from drive out of UOP came back to me and I remembered what had happened 20 years ago - I had separated ribs from full contact sparring.

I definitely hit the ice and ibuprofen but it was hurting like hell to move in certain ways the next morning. Got to UOP and found I couldn't even lift the sled, much less lay in one at that point. So then I knew I was done for now. Hung around for the day and shot some pics and stuff. Got back to the hotel and tried to arrange a trip out to avoid spending more on the rental car and room....expecting not to leave until Fri night...but they had an opening for me first thing in the morning...

Had I "quit" after the first day I probably wouldn't have looked back / came back on NS. However after the turnaround on day 2 I'm mad as hell I had to quit early and I want nothing more than to go back and finish.

I've got a pretty high tolerance for pain and when Mark was checking me out after I told Tom R. what was up...I was doing my best to keep my game face on but about 2/3 of the pokes and prods he made at my ribs felt like a knife in the chest.

I wasn't even able to hit the weights with my upper body (bench, squats, etc) until last week.

So with all of that said...Completely awesome experience / sport and I'm quite "down" about having to leave early. Can't wait to go back.
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Postby Damon » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:05 pm

That LP track is fun isnt it? Of course, I am twisted like that.
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Postby George » Sun Mar 16, 2008 12:05 pm

Harold, great to hear you had a great time at LP, despite having your time there cut short by illness. Dude, I'm glad to hear you liked my bobspikes. Yeah, they were a steal at that price – some guys in this forum would’ve killed to get 'em. :)

Teej, too bad a separated rib stopped you just when you were getting the hang of things. Indeed, if you go back again, you’ll be much better prepared and will do well.
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