Where to weight train in Salt Lake City?

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Where to weight train in Salt Lake City?

Postby Bluesky09 » Fri Feb 01, 2008 11:27 pm

I am just getting into skeleton, but am having a real hard time finding a decent weight training facility.

What I looking for is a place that has:
-a bench
-Squat rack
-Somewhere to do cleans (could be a plateform with bumper weights, or even just a squat rack with room and no bumper weights)
-Dumbbells in 5 pound increments

I know some on here train with a personal trainer that does bobsled (I forget his name), but I can't train with him due to time frame issues. Also, I'm mainly just looking for just a weight training facility, not a personal trainer.

I also attend the UofU, but the current student weight room there is pretty crappy IMO, very little plates available, places to lift, and super crowded.

Looked for a YMCA in the area, but the one that is here is the only one on the planet that doesn't have a weight room.

The only places I know of that have some of what I am looking for is the SLC recreation facilities. I haven't been able to check them all, but many only have a few of the above of what I am looking for.

So, basically, does anyone know of a recreation facility of SLC that has that stuff above?

If not, does anyone know a place one can train in this area (not Gold's or some place really expensive that you have to sign contracts for)?

OR, on the off chance someone has this to offer. If you or someone you know has a weight room at your house, and you or they would be ok with me using it, let me know too. I would be willing to pay a small fee if needed.

Sort of long post, but thanks for any information.
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