Survey Results as of 1/20/06:

I want to thank everyone who's filled out the survey, I have 15 submissions so far.

There were a few noteworthy patterns in the results of this obviously-unscientific poll:

The demographics resemble the early days of snowboarding: 87% are male, and 75% range in age from 0 to 29. Favorite sports including biking (53%), skiing (47%), and extreme sports (33%).

Visitors are nearly an even mix of the three categories: "Athlete/Participant," "Want to Try it," and "Just Curious to Know what it is."

The Wall Street Journal news article, followed by Wikipedia, were the most popular referrers (Google has been incredibly slow to index this site). Roughly 75% of visitors are from USA and another 15% from Canada.

Visitors particularly want to see a picture gallery (87%), race schedule/results (75%), and athlete interviews (53%). I'm bowing to popular demand and will include the former, though I probably can't provide the latter two features.